Baseline Bio-Medical Company


Manual Blood Donation Chair (BDC1)

The Manual Blood Donation Chair of model BDC1, we provide, has combined movements of backrest plus leg rest from seating posture to head-low positioning by assisted movements of gas spring movements. We provide this Blood Donation Chair at extremely reasonable price.

Functioning of angular movements

  • Backrest : 0 degrees to 76 degrees
  • Seat tilt : 5 degrees
  • Leg rest :-38 degrees to 0 degrees
  • Bed position : 180 degrees
  • Head low position :-5 degrees


Number of individually adjustable gas spring 1
Seat fixed height and pre-tilted at -5 degrees
Size of upholstery for chair 163cms (l)*53cms (w)*7.5cms (t)
Individual lockable castor wheels 4*7.5cms diameter
Weight of the chair approx 60 kgs
Weight lifting capacity 120 kgs
Telescopic footrest adjustment not applicable
M.s.frame colour ivory powder coated
Dis-infectant resistant upholstery yes
Feature Arm rest- concave shaped anti-slip arm rest with swayable positioning.